eVerge Digital Radios EVX-Z69

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    Evolve to Better Communication and Value with Digital

    The Migration to Digital just got easier and more affordable with EVX-Z69 — the most cost-effective entry radio that enables you to communicate with the digital performance of eVergeTM radios which are compact and precision-engineered to deliver value without sacrificing quality, giving you more capabilities and flexibility to communicate at your best.

    EVX-Z69 is ideal for any business that seeks to migrate from analog to digital communication for superior audio quality at an affordable price.

    Direct Mode

    Direct Mode enables you to have two communication paths on a single frequency, effectively doubling your call capacity without the need of a repeater.

    Superior Audio Output

    Excellent Audio performance allows for better message clarity, so users can be heard loud and clear in all situations.

    Seamless Migration to Digital

    The Mixed Mode Scan feature allows user to scan between analog and digital channels, enabling the users to stay in touch with both users of analog radio, and users of EVX-Z69 – a dual mode analog/digital radio.

    512 Channels

    Up to 512 channels can be stored either through programming software, or front panel. This provides convenience to the users, avoiding the need to frequently programme the radio.

    Text Messaging Capability

    With the pre-programmed or self-editing text messaging users can send quick status update via text messaging to keep team members aligned, enhancing productivity and efficiency

    EVX-Z69 Key Features

    • LCD-display radio
    • 4 programmable buttons
    • Superior audio quality
    • Real time clock
    464 - An Dương Vương - P4 - Q5 - TP.HCM
    ĐT: 028.38399879 - 0913.806.356  
    Email: hta@htaco.vn; ngvanduong@gmail.com 


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